About Us

The Administration of Latvian Environmental Protection Fund carries out the tasks prescribed in the Latvian Environmental Protection Fund Law, and additionally:

  • Places information in the home page of the Ministry of the Environment and the Fund Administration regarding organised tenders and the deadlines for the submission of proposals for the receipt of funding for projects announced;
  • If necessary, shall recruit experts and specialists for the evaluation of project proposals or shall request opinions from other State institutions regarding the conformity of projects to policy planning documents;
  • Collates and evaluates reports regarding the course of the implementation of projects and the course of the spending of allocated funds;
  • Submits for project proposals for review by the Advisory Council of the Latvian Environmental Protection Fund;
  • If necessary, ensures the auditing of a project financed from the resources of the fund during the period of the implementation of the fund;
  • Publishes the decisions of Latvian Environmental Protection Fund Council and the Advisory Council on the web-page of the Fund Administration;
  • Notifies project applicants in writing about the decision of the Fund Council regarding its support or rejection of projects;
  • In accordance with the decision of the Fund Council, enters into an agreement with a local government or an agreement with the State environmental protection institution regarding the funding of a project.

The Council of Environmental Protection Fund  is a decision-making institution which has been established in order to ensure the more effective and goal-orientated management and allocation of the funds of the Latvian Environmental Protection Fund

  • ratifies the revenues and expenditures cost estimate for the inclusion and breakdown of the "Environmental Protection Fund" budget programme;
  • ratifies the classification of environmental protection measures and the guidelines for projects;
  • ratifies the criteria for co-financing in regard to projects financed by the Fund;
  • determines the sample form for project proposals;
  • determines the deadlines for the submission of project proposals on an annual basis;
  • determines the procedures for the submission, evaluation and financing of projects, as well as the templates for agreements;
  • determines the template for the project implementation report form and the deadlines for the submission;
  • makes decisions regarding the support or rejection of projects;

The Fund Advisory Council of the Latvian Environmental Protection Fund is an advisory institution whose goal is to promote the observance and involvement of public interests in the decision-making processes related to the procedures involving the allocation of the resources of the Fund.

The Fund Advisory Council operates in accordance with the principle of transparency and free will.

The Advisory Council is comprised of societies and foundations whose goal in accordance with their articles of association is environmental protection, as well as 20 representatives elected by institutions connected to the development of environmental education and environmental science.