LIFE Programme Award 2018

On November 22, 2018, Administration of Latvian Environmental Protection Fund and Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development presented the LIFE Programme Award to the most successful Latvian LIFE program project participants in six nominations at a solemn ceremony.

The LIFE Prize 2018 was presented in six nominations:

1. University of Latvia nomination - Project that has carried out territorially largest nature conservation activities.

LIFE Wetlands - Conservation and Management of Priority Wetland Habitats in Latvia. The objective of the project is to implement the measures for wetland protection and renewal to ensure conservation and protection of important habitats in Latvia and the European Union.

2. State Defense Military Objects and Procurement Center nomination - Most publicly active project.

LIFE Birds in Adazi - Improving of the conservation status of specially protected bird species in Natura 2000 site “Ādaži”. The objective of the project is to help rare bird species in Europe. In the area of 1620 ha in “Ādaži”, nesting and feeding sites for the black grouse, European nightjar, European roller, woodlark, tawny pipit, red-backed shrike are restored in the area of the protected landscapes.

3. SIA “BALTICFLOC” nomination - Top rated new project.

LIFE PHIPP - The aim of the project is the development of new type of building insulation material made of recycled paper and hemp with improved thermal conductivity, as well as more efficient recycling of waste paper in the region.

4. Baltic Environmental Forum nomination - The most innovative project.

LIFE GRASSSERVICE - Alternative use of biomass far maintenance of grassland biodiversity and ecosystem services. The project activities are implemented in two local governments of Latvia - in Sigulda and Ludza municipalities. During the implementation of the project, the biodiversity of grassland ecosystems and the ecological value, the volume of the grassland biomass, and the potential of the use of grasslands in both project areas will be assessed.

5. Latvian Fund for Nature nomination- The most ambitious project.

LIFE AQPOM - Conservation arrangements for Lesser Spotted Eagle in Latvia. During the project one of the most extensive nesting field surveys of one bird species has been carried out, which has ever been implemented in Latvia.

6. The Nature Conservation Agency won the nomination for the Nationally Most Significant Project.

NAT-PROGRAMME - National Conservation and Management Programme for Natura 2000 sites in Latvia. During the project, the guidelines for the management and protection of the coastal, freshwater, grassland, mires, forest and rocky habitats are developed. In order to check the habitat management methods and assess their effectiveness, a series of experimental management work in different regions of Latvia has been carried out.

This event was organized by the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development, Latvian Environmental Protection Fund Administration and the CAP LIFE LAT project team.