Call for proposals for National co-financing for LIFE programme projects has closed

On 20th of June 2018 the call for proposals closed for National co-financing for LIFE programme projects. The call was open for those planning to submit a full proposal under the Climate sub-programme or had already submitted a concept note under the Environment sub-programme in the EC 2018 call.

Together 20 proposals were received; 15 of those were submitted under the Environment sub-programme – Environment and Resource Efficiency with 6 proposals being the most popular priority area, followed by Environment Governance and Information (5 proposals), however the traditionally most popular priority area Nature and Biodiversity experienced an unusual drop in interest – only 4 proposals.

5 proposals were received under the Climate sub-programme, most of those aiming at climate change mitigation.

2018 similarly to 2017 saw an increased interest by private commercial entities and scientific institutions (6 coordinating applicants in each category), state institutions (3), NGOs(3) and municipalities(2) were also represented among coordinating applicants.