Starting to implement the environmental monitoring, control and education project co-funded by the Cohesion Fund

Administration of Latvian Environmental Protection Fund in cooperation with partners – National Botanic Garden of Latvia, Latvian Museum of Natural History, Riga ZOO, State Environmental Service, Latvian Institute of Aquatic Ecology, Nature Conservation Agency, Latvia University of Agriculture and State Plant Protection Service – has started to implement the Project “Development of the national environmental monitoring program and control system and promotion of public involvement by developing the infrastructure of national environmental information and education centres” (No.

Agreement on the implementation of the project has been signed on 30th of November 2017 and project activities are planned to implement in the period of 4 years – till 29th of November 2021.

Project activities include:

  • developing the infrastructure and equipment of 3 national information centres and carrying out public information and involvement campaigns, promoting environmental awareness and education of at least 15 000 people;
  • developing state environmental monitoring programs for water, land and biodiversity, improving monitoring equipment, which will allow to monitor inland and marine waters, hogweed regions, as well as bird and bat migration routes in compliance with EU Directives;
  • optimizing the controlling measures in the field of environmental pollution, radiation, water pollution and fishing control by providing necessary equipment, as well as prevention of environmental risks, creating an emergency situation centre that would allow for rapid response and coordination of work in emergency situations.

Costs of the project are planned in the amount of 7 069 787.87 euros, including 5 945 241 euros (84%) from Cohesion Fund, 828 387.38 euros (12%) from state budget and 296 159.49 euros (4%) self-financing.

Actual information and news within a project will be available in the home page of Administration of Latvian Environmental Protection Fund in the section on Cohesion Fund project.