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LIFE Programme kick-off meeting and data hub launch

Experts from the LIFE Help Desk participated in the October 17-19 LIFE programme kick-off meeting for the launch of 139 new LIFE-funded projects submitted in the 2016 call. EASME(Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) and European Commission organised the event for the new projects to offer advice on project implementation and management, and to inform of new developments in relevant policies. Project representatives had the opportunity to present their projects to like-minded professionals from all over Europe, meet representatives of the EC, EASME and the external monitoring team. In group discussions and later in informal networking sessions everyone had the chance to establish connections with people from fields of interest.

Representatives from Latvian NGO “Latvian Fund for Nature” with their project “GrassLIFE – Restoring EU priority grasslands and promoting their multiple use”.  

Joining the data hubs for COSME and Horizon20202 programmes, the LIFE Programme data hub was launched at the end of October. The data hub offers an interactive map with hundreds of LIFE projects dealing with green technologies, nature conservation, climate action and many more issues. The data hub offers brief information on each project, links for more information, and some tools for those interested in statistical data.

Currently the map contains beneficiaries and projects funded in 2014 and 2015; 2016 projects will soon be added.

You can find the data hub here - https://life.easme-web.eu/