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Nineteen projects from Latvia submitted for the co-funding call of proposals of EC LIFE programme

In September 2017, the application for the call of proposals of European Commission (EC) co-funding aimed to the implementation of environment and climate projects was closed. In  total, the European Commission received 629 applications from 28 member countries of the European Union (EU) for total amount 1 billion EUR,  thus  exceeding the envisaged co-funding amount four times (254 million EUR).

This year Latvia submitted nineteen projects for LIFE programme co-funding. The assessment process by EC experts will take place until March 2018 applying particular criteria and choosing the best projects to grant the funding proportionally from the available budget. Before granting the funding, the activities and the budget of the projects will be repeatedly assessed and revised in order to schedule the launching of the activities from July 2018.

The majority (507) of the projects submitted to the EC focus on natural and biological diversity and environment, 122 relate to climate changes. The total number of organizations applying for EC LIFE funding exceeds 3100, 56% of them represent private sector and NGOs, 44% represent national and municipal authorities. 18 % of all applicants are small and medium entrepreneurs.

Comparing to 2016, this year Latvian applicants have shown more interest towards the sub-programmes of environmental issues (13 applications) and climate issues (six applications). The applicants have envisaged the activities related to the protection of rare species and renovation of biotopes, development of efficient waste recycling, elaboration of prototypes aimed to improve the environmental quality etc. The most active applicants from Latvia this year are merchants (13 applications) and scientific organizations (5 applications), leaving behind NGOs, who used to be the most active applicants and implementers of the projects in Latvia previously.

About LIFE programme

The LIFE programme is the EU’s funding instrument for the environment and climate action. It is active since 1992 and so far has co-funded more than 4300 projects all around the EU and out-of-EU countries, in total mobilizing 8.8 billion EUR and investing 3.9 billion EUR in innovative and sustainable improvements of environmental quality and prevention of climate changes. Usually, about 1100 projects are implemented simultaneously. The budget of LIFE programme for 2014-2020 is 3.4 billion EUR and it is divided into two sub-programmes: Environment and Climate issues.

In 2016 for the LIFE programme co-funding six project applications were submitted, and only one of them was granted the co-funding. Next call for proposals of LIFE programme will be announced in 2018. More information will be published soon in homepage of LIFE programme (www.lifeprogramma.lv).


Information compiled by

Inga Vasiļjeva,
LIFE support unit PR manager  
inga.vasiljeva@lvafa.gov.lv, M. 29276111