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National Funding for LIFE Projects in 2017 Conceptually Granted

Following the assessment by Experts Commission of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development (hereinafter referred to as MEPRD) and approval by MEPRD Investment Projects Approval Committee and Ministry of Finance, the MEPRD has adopted the resolution on conceptual support in granting the national funding of total amount EUR 12.3 million to 16 potential projects to be implemented within the framework of LIFE programme.

Five of conceptually supported projects relate to natural and biological diversity, six concern the reduction of climate changes, two cover environmental and resource efficiency, another two – environmental management and information issues and the last, but not least covers environmental management and information issues. National funding is granted in case the project is submitted and approved by the European Commission. In addition, ten of other submitted projects have been included in waiting list (these projects will conceptually qualify for national funding in case the project is successful in EC competition and any of the projects with higher score fail to submit the project to the EC or are not approved by EC).

Mr. Jānis Vēbers, head of the LIFE support unit of the Administration of Latvian Environmental Protection Fund says: “This year we have experienced a notable increase of interest in national funding provided within the framework of LIFE programme – there are NGOs, municipal authorities and private entrepreneurs among the applicants. And we keep inviting everybody looking forward to apply for EC LIFE funding to meet our experts and receive more information on application procedure.”