International events for potential LIFE applicants

May is the month for celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the LIFE Programme and all interested persons are invited to participate in related information and experience sharing events.


Within the LIFE Capacity Building Slovenia project a networking conference “Environment needs LIFE for the next 25 years” will take place in Ljubljana, Slovenia on May 25th-26th.

The conference will celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the LIFE Programme and the Habitats Directive; it will be a chance for creating new partnerships for future LIFE projects and planning better implementation of EU environmental policies for the next 25 years. The participants will also have the chance to visit current LIFE projects during a field trip.

More information and online application form:


During the EU Green Week as a part of the EU Green Jobs Summit an information and networking event “LIFE 2017 call for project proposals. A new oppportunity for green jobs and Growth” will take place on May 31st in Brussels, Belgium.

During the information session participants will learn about opportunities for project funding under the 2017 call for proposals on close-to-market environmental solutions, biodiversity, and climate change adaptation and mitigation.

A networking session will give the chance for participants interested in applying for LIFE funding to find potential project partners or seek advice from European Commission experts and National Contact Points in one-to-one meetings. Once registered to the LIFE side event, you will be invited to upload your profile in a matchmaking tool to help you find matching profiles and set up bilateral meetings.


More information and online application form: