A celebration to honour 15 years of success of LIFE programme in Latvia

The LIFE programme has been running succesfully for 15 years in Latvia. With its financial support 46 projects have been implemented with a total budget of over 40 million EUR.

With the support provided by the programme several specially protected nature areas have been renewed, protective measures for endangered plant and animal species have been developmed and introduced, habitats have been restored, solutions for alternative energy production and CO2 reduction have been found, and a number of awareness campaigns have been implemented.

To celebrate these 15 years, on November 30th this year, The Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development in collaboration with the The Administration of Latvian Environmental Protection Fund are organising a special event.

In the event local and foreign experts will present the achievements of the LIFE programme both in Latvia and Europe.  During the event the most successful LIFE projects so far will be named and awarded.